Conroe, TX  — How much of your state history can you recall? Were those the lessons you tuned out in elementary school? Maybe if history weren’t so boring, you think to yourself.

With Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas is the “Lone Star State”!, author Amber Manning aims to change things up for today’s grade-school children. Her engaging book uses rhymes, storytelling and fun facts to keep youngsters both engrossed and entertained.

As a native Texan and mother of three, Manning set out to write a children’s book that would help students from kindergarten through grade 5 retain a sense of Texas history, something parents themselves may be hard pressed to do. She’s done just that in a two-part book that first makes use of a rhyming narrative and witty story to engage readers with historical facts and the introduction of state symbols. Then, in part two of the book, she mixes 28 fun facts about the Lone Star State with more of the Texas story and also includes the Texas Pledge and the state song.

Throughout, the book’s illustrations are spot-on in portraying the history the author seeks to convey. “It’s an upbeat, rhythmic Texas history lesson,” says Manning. “It adds some extra excitement for children who bore easily.” A Texas A&M associate stated that she believed “the book would be a useful addition to both English and history curricula.”
Manning, whose full-time job is executive assistant to the CEO of her employer, writes children’s books in her spare time.
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Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas is the “Lone Star State”!
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Reviews for Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas is the “Lone Star State”!:
Kirkus Reviews: “In this debut picture book, Manning sets out to educate young readers about the history and commerce of her home state. Beginning with the Alamo, this work examines important Texas historical events and figures and supplies snippets about the state’s nickname, flag, flower and major industries.”
Reader’s Favorite: “Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The ‘Lone Star State’!” by Amber Manning is first and foremost a beautiful book which introduces children to a story about history which is written in verse and is rhyming. It could even be sung! This is but an example: “Fight, fight, win!! / In 1836, we begin… / At the Battle of San Jacinto, / In remembrance of the Alamo.” The text is as appealing as the illustrations. They both convey a sense of courage, valor, adventure and history. What more could we ask from a history book for young children? It is enthusiastic and fascinating. This captivating “story” is as entertaining as it is enlightening; what's more, it is as beautiful as it is useful, and that is why I highly recommend it.”

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