Fox Island, WA, October 19, 2009 – As recently reported in an article in the APA Monitor on Psychology, an economi c crisis can not only be life-changing, but can lead people to transform their behavior and values for the better.  What a welcome outcome considering we have become a society of ‘instant gratification’ – we see it – we want it – we get it - just that simple!  The reality is sinking in - what good is “stuff” if you don’t find happiness?

A challenging and stressful economic recession now touches almost everyone, causing people to budget more carefully, question their values, and quite possibly lose hope for a meaningful future.  The silver lining of this recession, however, may be the discovery that happiness can be found all around, and within us, without changing a thing.  Instead of more stuff, bling, and McMansions, people are discovering what spiritual teachers and prophets have taught for millennia – that a “new Heaven and new Earth” arise in the simple joys of f amily, friendships, gardening, community, volunteering, creativity, spirituality, and exciting life changes never before considered.  The spiritual message of this recession is that Heaven never left – we did, but we can come home again.  Robinson’s goal is to guide people through this new and evolving consciousness, so they may discover happiness in waking up to the beauty, joy and fulfillment of everyday life – here and now.

The author’s credentials speak volumes: he is a psychologist and an ordained interfaith minister with doctorates in both psychology and ministry, and he is an author, teacher and mystic.  He has spent the better part of his personal and professional life exploring the relationship between psychology, spirituality, mysticism, and religion, and knows that the presence and experience of Heaven on Earth is the greatest secret on the spiritual path.

Heaven on Earth – the ordinary world transfigured in enlightened consciousness – represents the ultimate destination of humanity’s greatest journey.  To mystics the pathway is obvious, but in the minds of the majority it is believed to be inconceivable.  It means opening minds to explore the beauty in everyday things the way children are able to do, when innocence and acceptability are not blocked by thoughts or preconceived notions.  Finding Heaven Here offers hope for anyone who truly wants to be able to find and enjoy life in a Heaven that really is here on Earth!

Robinson’s book offers the hope of waking up each day and discovering that we are already in Heaven – what a wonderfully appealing idea: it’s cost-free, it’s always here, and it makes us incredibly happy to be alive – plus it j ust happens to be consistent with every religion out there.  Visit John’s inspiring website at:  .



Andrew Harvey, author of Son of Man, The Direct Path and The Essential Mystics: “Finding out that this world is Heaven is crucial for human survival, otherwise in the frenzy of dissociation, our shadow games will annihilate the planet…Robinson’s passionate and finely researched book will inspire…and start working in Sacred Activism to preserve it.”

John Mabry, author of The Way of Thomas and Faith Styles: “Finding Heaven Here is a crash-course in spiritual transformation…Robinson r eveals the ‘secret’ at the heart of all mystical traditions, and provides simple, practical exercises to bring it home to each and every reader.  Required reading for anyone on a serious spiritual path.”

Mathew Fox, author of 26 books on mysticism and creation spirituality:  “A wonderfully focused book and welcome contribution to the radical but universal spiritual teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible…Heaven is earth and earth is heaven in spite of ourselves!” 

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