Stories that are a gift of love – understood and appreciated by anyone who shares their life with a four-legged, adored friend…

Dallas, TX, May 2011 - With a heart as big as Texas, Dr. Pomerance has never turned away an animal in need.  Providing necessary care and rehabilitation for these animals to improve their chance at adoption has become a way of life for her and her husband and, in spite of the hard work and heartache that often accompanies these dogs, they wouldn’t have it any other way!  Putting aside the sadness and suffering that is often attached to them when they first come into her life, Dr. Pomerance looks as each one as a gift and never fails to be amazed by the transformation that takes place as they recover from abuse, neglect or abandonment – and she never tires of being a part of their journey as they leave behind pain and despair and replace it with joy and contentment.

 Our Rescue Dog Family Album (Polaire Entertainment Group, Inc.) by Diane Pomerance, Ph.D., is a collection of endearing stories that covers the lives of forty rescued dogs, lucky enough to become members of her seemingly ever-expanding family, and the obstacles they overcame in their recovery.  Their gratitude is evident every day, and their innate wisdom and ability to love unconditionally have brought the doctor and her husband profound joy and an increased awareness of the inter-connectedness of all living creatures. 

Dr. Pomerance has a Ph.D. in Communications and is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist who counsels those grieving from any loss, but especially those mourning the loss of a beloved pet.  She created, established and serves as director of the Pet Grief Counseling Program for the SPCA of Texas, and understands how the loss of a pet can be just as devastating to adults as it is to children.  She has dedicated Our Rescue Dog Family Album to all the four-legged friends who have shared their lives with the Pomerances’ over the years and who will always be remembered with love, appreciation and deep respect. 

Dr. Pomerance has been interviewed by countless newspapers and magazines, and has been a featured guest on CNN Headline News, Fox News, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime TV, Fox & Friends, Montel Williams, The Daily Buzz, and more.  Her latest poignant book, and her many other highly acclaimed books, can be viewed at:

Dr. Pomerance lives in North Texas with her husband and too-numerous-to-name canine “kids.”

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