A young woman’s journey of faith and her awe-inspiring leap into motherhood that resulted in three sets of twins

Jacksonville, FL, April, 2011
- Fran Pitre is the author of Twins X 3: A mom of three sets of twins gives her personal testimony that all things are possible with God (Xlibris Corporation); a true story that outlines a young mother’s journey that begins with the struggles, heartache and ethical dilemmas associated with infertility.  While Fran’s dream really did come true – she met her perfect man and they had the perfect marriage, one thing was still missing – she was not pregnant after one heart-breaking year of trying.

Fran Pitre’s story is a transparent, honest journey of faith, fortitude and thankfulness of family and is a testimony that family values are still worth fighting for in this technologically advanced world we live in.  It was her faith that made her confident after seeking medical advice that any problems would be detected and easily fixed.  However, her faith was tested when five years later she was still childless and their marriage and faith in God had taken a beating.  After they were told their only chance of conceiving a baby would be through assisted reproductive technologies, Fran faced a moral dilemma that almost destroyed her.

Being a devout Catholic, acceptable options were very limited and she had to either abide by her faith or go with procedures that statistically offered the greatest success for pregnancy.  She and her husband decided to go with an assisted reproductive technology procedure that while not unconditionally accepted by the Church, was also not disapproved, and two weeks after the procedure – her pregnancy test was positive!  When they discovered she was pregnant with twins they were overwhelmed with joy and the sense that their faith, loyalty and integrity had been rewarded.

While Pitre entertains the reader with the daily comedies and struggles of parents of twin toddlers, she also reveals the fear, pain and anxiety in her attempts to conceive again, right through to her third pre-term labor and delivery, showing how her faith in God, family and friends became her pillar of support in the many trials she encountered along the way.

Twins X 3 is a story of love, pain, humor, fear, and joy that covers the author’s life from her teenage years through the summer of 2009, confronting topics ranging from long-term infertility, high-risk multiple pregnancy, premature birth and miscarriage, to breastfeeding multiples and postpartum depression, all of which will captivate the reader from cover to cover.  It is a heart-wrenching yet incredibly inspiring journey that will cause readers to both laugh and cry as they discover connections that they can totally relate to.

Many multiple births are sensationalized in the current mainstream media but don’t confuse those with the Pitres’ – their family began in 1985 and they are still very much together today!  Visit this engaging author’s website at: www.twinsx3.com.



Talking Points:

-  Real-life story of couple that want a child and problems encountered, both moral and spiritual, in making decisions regarding fertility treatments.

-  Turning to God in times of need and accepting His plan for both the good and the difficult times.

-  Trials, tribulations, comedy and challenges involved with high-risk, multiple pregnancy and having twins – three sets!

-  Having multiple births born into a loving family environment instead of with the hype and sensationalism surrounding today’s news stories.

Rave reviews from readers:

Cathy Nasby, BSN, RN, MBA,MHS,CNAA: “Intelligent, realistic and straight from the heart, Fran’s perspective from a parent’s point of view will help all nurses appreciate the impact they have on their patients and families.”

Loretta Haycook, RN, IBCLC: “I couldn’t put TwinsX3 down!  This book is about faith and determination, family love and support….Pitre and her family demonstrate that having and raising healthy children is not easy, but so worth the wait and hard work.”

Msgr. Vincent Haut, Diocese of St. Augustine: “I found out a lot more than I expected about Fran Pitre’s experience as a mother of three sets of twins.  She shares a lot of information about her experiences, family and even her body…that flood of information is part of the beauty of her story.  Her allegiance to her faith and her desire to tell the truth about herself inspires me and helps me be confident that the world is not so bad.  She shows families are still worth fighting for …the perennial values are holding strong.  This isn’t a case of getting more than we thought we ever wanted to know but of finding the More that makes what seems so ordinary something more beautiful than we ever imagined.”

Scott M. Circe: “Twins X 3 is a wonderful journey of faith, fortitude and family.  Obviously, the greatest stories are true-life…this ranks with some of the best.  Pitre writes her story with heart, humor and humility that just brings the reader right into the pages…excellent book that allows the reader to be thankful for family.”

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