Crime Is On The Increase: Learn Simple Steps To Keep Homes And Families Safe Over The Holidays

Nashville, TN, December 10, 2012 – Ask any cop and he will tell you that crime never takes a break – especially during the holidays! Crime has already increased around the country due to our down economy, but now experts tell us it’s on the increase in areas where crime was rare in the past. Add the approaching holidays to this scenario and things could get pretty grim for a lot of people.

Alan Young has made security and keeping people safe his life’s work and his expert tips and recommendations have made him a featured guest on top TV and radio shows because he shows how not to become a victim. Since many people leave town for the holidays it’s crucial they understand the importance of securing their home before they go, so that when they return their home and possessions are intact. This especially applies to people in more ‘upscale’ areas who have become a little complacent where crime is concerned because statistics now show these areas are being specifically targeted by criminals. Alan Young’s expert advice can make the difference between a memorable holiday and a devastating one.

“Police response time to a home alarm system is often over 20 minutes and most thieves can be in and out of a home in less than 5. Not only can they get valuables – but worse still, they could hurt a family member,” says Young. “The key is to keep them out in the first place.”

Alan and his engineer brother formed their company, Armor Concepts, after properties he was renovating were constantly burglarized by having their doors kicked in. This led the pair to design their highly successful EZ Armor, Door Jamb Armor and ArmorDoor products as a way to provide an affordable alternative for people to secure their homes, keep their families safe, and even help protect kids away at college. “We know our products work at preventing kick-ins, they’re tried and tested (even by police), but it’s also important to educate people on how thieves think,” says Alan.

Young provides audiences with expert tips and recommendations on how not to become victims, explaining in detail the three most important factors in making a home secure; common sense (don’t announce to the world your vacation plans by posting on social media sites); make your home less inviting/attractive to a burglar by keeping shrubs trimmed and installing proper lighting inside and out; securing the exterior - namely doors. This last point is “crucial to increasing the likelihood of success against a burglar,” says Young.

A sought-after speaker, Young and his company’s products have been featured on countless radio shows, in national magazines and newspapers, as well as in local news segments and programs like the CBS Early Show, The Today Show, Fox News, Bloomberg, The Discovery Channel, “It Takes a Thief,” and HGTV.

Alan Young graduated Vanderbilt University with a B.S. degree and a dual major in Organizational Development and Economics, and a Masters from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management. Before forming Armor Concepts he founded ProQuest Sports Management, a financial planning firm for professional athletes, worked as an investment banker with Banc of America Securities, and later at rehabbing properties.

“Security does not need to cost a lot, it just needs to work,” says Young. For many valuable home security tips, along with recommendations for what to do after a burglary, please visit:


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