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Crime Is On The Increase: Learn Simple Steps To Keep Homes And Families Safe Over The Holidays

Nashville, TN, December 10, 2012 – Ask any cop and he will tell you that crime never takes a break – especially during the holidays! Crime has already increased around the country due to our down economy, but now experts tell us it’s on the increase in areas where crime was rare in the past. Add the approaching holidays to this scenario and things could get pretty grim for a lot of people.

Alan Young has made security and keeping people safe his life’s work and his expert tips and recommendations have made him a featured guest on top TV and radio shows because he shows how not to become a victim. Since many people leave town for the holidays it’s crucial they understand the importance of securing their home before they go, so that when they return their home and possessions are intact. This especially applies to people in more ‘upscale’ areas who have become a little complacent where crime is concerned because statistics now show these areas are being specifically targeted by criminals. Alan Young’s expert advice can make the difference between a memorable holiday and a devastating one.

“Police response time to a home alarm system is often over 20 minutes and most thieves can be in and out of a home in less than 5. Not only can they get valuables – but worse still, they could hurt a family member,” says Young. “The key is to keep them out in the first place.”



Las Vegas, NV, August 18, 2011 – Writer H. Lee Barnes lives in Las Vegas and teaches English and Creative Writing at the College of S. Nevada - a far cry from his days on the battlefield as a member of a Special Forces A-team in Vietnam. Typical of many young men in the early 60’s, Barnes was in college and drifting along as an average student when a letter from his Draft Board made the decision of what he would be doing for the next couple of years of his life. He enlisted in the Army and became, much to his own surprise, a member of the elite Green Beret. 

There are the legends of the Green Berets and their clandestine, special operations that are celebrated in story and song, and then there’s the reality of one soldier’s experiences. In When We Walked Above The Clouds: A Memoir of Vietnam (University of Nebraska Press) by H. Lee Barnes, we share first-hand the day-to-day loss and drudgery that more accurately conveys the daily grind and quiet desperation behind the polished-for-public-consumption accounts of military heroics.

Barnes tells what it was like to be a Green Beret; first in the Dominican Republic during the civil war of 1965, and then at A-107, Tra Bong, Vietnam, where he eventually came to serve as the advisor to a Combat Recon Platoon which consisted chiefly of Montagnard irregulars.


A young woman’s journey of faith and her awe-inspiring leap into motherhood that resulted in three sets of twins

Jacksonville, FL, April, 2011
- Fran Pitre is the author of Twins X 3: A mom of three sets of twins gives her personal testimony that all things are possible with God (Xlibris Corporation); a true story that outlines a young mother’s journey that begins with the struggles, heartache and ethical dilemmas associated with infertility.  While Fran’s dream really did come true – she met her perfect man and they had the perfect marriage, one thing was still missing – she was not pregnant after one heart-breaking year of trying.

Fran Pitre’s story is a transparent, honest journey of faith, fortitude and thankfulness of family and is a testimony that family values are still worth fighting for in this technologically advanced world we live in.  It was her faith that made her confident after seeking medical advice that any problems would be detected and easily fixed.  However, her faith was tested when five years later she was still childless and their marriage and faith in God had taken a beating.  After they were told their only chance of conceiving a baby would be through assisted reproductive technologies, Fran faced a moral dilemma that almost destroyed her.


Stories that are a gift of love – understood and appreciated by anyone who shares their life with a four-legged, adored friend…

Dallas, TX, May 2011 - With a heart as big as Texas, Dr. Pomerance has never turned away an animal in need.  Providing necessary care and rehabilitation for these animals to improve their chance at adoption has become a way of life for her and her husband and, in spite of the hard work and heartache that often accompanies these dogs, they wouldn’t have it any other way!  Putting aside the sadness and suffering that is often attached to them when they first come into her life, Dr. Pomerance looks as each one as a gift and never fails to be amazed by the transformation that takes place as they recover from abuse, neglect or abandonment – and she never tires of being a part of their journey as they leave behind pain and despair and replace it with joy and contentment.



Fox Island, WA, October 19, 2009 – As recently reported in an article in the APA Monitor on Psychology, an economi c crisis can not only be life-changing, but can lead people to transform their behavior and values for the better.  What a welcome outcome considering we have become a society of ‘instant gratification’ – we see it – we want it – we get it - just that simple!  The reality is sinking in - what good is “stuff” if you don’t find happiness?


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