Drs. David and Lovera Miller authors of "Womenopause"

When we decided to write a book about menopause we thought, “Oh, let’s go away for a week to upper Michigan and let the muse do it’s magic—how hard can it be?” Well, pretty damn hard actually. If we’d only known then… Anyway, after three and a half years of query, proposal, agent, publisher, writing, revisions, and edits; the still imperfect manuscript went to press. Whew, now we can relax and reap the rewards of our labors. Right. However unprepared we were for entering the world of publishing, we were even less prepared for the real job of writing—selling the darn book. Like the stacks of books we read about writing, agents, and publishing we launched (belatedly) into studying stacks of books about how to market a book (doesn’t that sound strange). Which is fine of course, if you have loads of time to burn; but we found that having a real job in addition to our budding writing “career” put a damper on how much we could accomplish on our own. Which is another way of saying, we could not accomplish squat. Our publisher (O-Books) recommended Ascot Media: finally, something useful from the publisher.

Ascot has given us the opportunity to promote our book in a manner that does justice to the material we cover: TV, radio, magazines, editorials, reviews, and personal appearances. We have been on sixteen TV interviews from New York, Chicago, LA, Minneapolis, New Orleans and all parts in between. We have had three or four dozen radio interviews many of them one-hour programs, and we have become semi-regular guests on the Doctor Radio on XM and Sirius radio. None of this would have happened without the hard work and persistence of Ascot (and their secret contact list!). Monica Foster, our immediate PR agent working under Trish Stevens, has become like family. (We get more emails from her than we do from our kids.) She has worked and reworked our marketing campaign to good effect. When the muse gets around to writing our next book, we will at least save a lot of time and energy by contracting with Ascot Media straight off.


Lovera Wolf Miller, MD, FACOG, NCMP

David C. Miller, MD, MA, DABPM, NCMP




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